ACTFL Teacher of the Year Procedures

Official procedures to apply

TOY Procedures Header

Purpose of the Program

The ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year program is intended to elevate the status and the public profile of the language profession at the state, regional, 在国家层面上,通过创造机会来表彰有成就的语言专业人士. First and foremost, 这个过程被设计成涉及到整个州, regional, 和国家组织在促进语言教学专业. Second, it is intended to create as many media opportunities as possible to increase the visibility and importance of language learning with the media, policymakers, and the general public. 该奖项还表彰在语言教学和学习方面的最佳实践和卓越表现. 所有地区决赛选手都将进入ACTFL语言教师名人堂, located on the ACTFL website.

Criteria for Applying

Candidates for state, regional, or national Language Teacher of the Year (TOY) must be full-time world language Pre-K-12 teachers or Postsecondary instructors or professors. 预计至少还要再教两年.

Candidates nominated by state organizations or selected by regional organizations must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must spend at least 50% of their teaching duty in direct teaching of languages (with no more than half of the language teaching percentage being the teaching of English Language Learners).
  • Candidates cannot at the time of such nomination or selection be also nominated for a position on the ACTFL Board of Directors nor nominated for an award given by ACTFL for the year in which that candidate would be placed in eligibility for the ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year.

Process of Application

The National Language Teacher of the Year process begins at the state level with the state language organizations selecting a candidate each year whose application is then submitted to the regional level. 五个地区的决赛选手将在全国范围内竞争. The process outlined below at each level is designed to facilitate the development of the portfolio used in the evaluation process by suggesting certain items at each level of the process leading toward the complete portfolio required at the national level. This process is intended to incrementally add the required elements of the portfolio at each level to encourage broad participation while having sufficient evidence from candidates of their teaching accomplishments and ability to represent the language profession. ACTFL将提供所需的表格和样本,以便考生了解每个级别的要求. 此外,ACTFL网站上还有作品集项目的详细说明.

I. State Level

Deadline: Fall of each year

州语言协会可以使用任何机制来选择他们州的获胜者. 各州可选择要求提名程序或允许自行提名, 或者他们可以使用他们现有的年度最佳教师流程.

ACTFL recommends, however, that the state associations require the following elements selected from the comprehensive final ACTFL portfolio requirements to make its determination.

Following are the items that are recommended to be included in the state candidate’s portfolio submitted to each regional awards committee:

  1. 导师的一页推荐信
  2. 一页的同事推荐信
  3. 现任或前任家长或学生的一页推荐信
  4. 个人简历不超过5页.
  5. Five-hundred-word personal statement on the value of learning languages and developing cultural competence for all learners.


Deadline to regional: Dec. 15 - Jan. 15 (Regions determine the deadline within this window based on their conference and awards committee schedule).

一旦国家协会选出了候选人,他将进入地区一级, the state association ensures that its candidate submits the portfolio with all the suggested items listed in the previous section and, in addition, includes the following:

  1. 提名页(可在ACTFL网站上找到)由州语言协会的官员完成.
  2. 学生作业的例子(两个单独的例子, one page and one-sided only) that reflect the goals of the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (5C’s). 这些例子可以是书面的,也可以是数字格式的.
  3. 对学生作业的反思不超过4页(12号字体), double-spaced) total for both examples that provides a written reflection about these student examples and how they
    1. 展示当前语言教学的最佳实践, 包括整合世界语言学习准备标准(5c)
    2. 鼓励教师和学生熟练使用目标语言;
    3. 提供有效的反馈,包括但不限于规则.
  4. 由各区域组织单独设计的面试程序. It is recommended that a three-five minute practice policy speech also occur either on site at the regional conference or through electronic means (No documentation regarding this interview is required in the portfolio submitted at the national level.)


Deadline to ACTFL: June 30

In addition to the items already mentioned, regions work with their finalists to ensure that their candidates submit their online portfolios for review to the national awards committee to ACTFL headquarters by the June 30 deadline. 本会将委任年度最佳教师评选委员会成员. 委员会成员不得来自任何地区决赛选手所在的州.

The final portfolio includes all of the items suggested at the state and regional level with the addition of the following REQUIRED items:

  1. Classroom Video (a brief clear and concise snapshot from a unit that must include the teacher and must show teacher interacting with students in the target language) that is a continuous, 未经剪辑的20分钟课堂教学片段
    • 展示教师和学生对目的语的有效运用;
    • 展示各种教学策略,提高课程的有效性;
    • is filmed during the current academic year;
    • is not professionally produced
  2. 反思课堂视频(一个单元的简短快照)(最多三页)
    • 描述本课的学习目标和指标;
    • 提供活动的细节以及这些活动如何影响学生的学习;
    • 提供该单元中解释性、人际性和表现性元素的证据;
    • reflects on the effectiveness of the lesson, 包括在视频中使用目标语言, as well as the next steps in the lesson.
  3. 回答问题:提供书面反思, 每个问题不超过两页(总共最多4页), responding to these two questions:
    • How do you engage and encourage students in language-related and culture-related activities beyond the classroom?
    • How do the samples of student work and the content of the classroom video reflect the teacher’s personal statement on the value of learning languages and developing cultural competence for all learners?
  4. 专业参与文档示例, (including but not limited to certificates, newspaper articles, letters, links to videos,) (not to exceed 4 pages)
    1. 展示专业成长和参与专业组织;
    2. 提供各种领导经验的证据,包括倡导.
  5. 反思专业参与文件(不超过3页)
    • 描述和分析作为一名教师对你的意义和影响;
    • describes and analyzes the significance and impact on student learning and on language learning in your school and/or district or state.


  1. Nomination Cover Page (available on the ACTFL website) completed by an officer of the regional language association.
  2. A one-page Contact Information Sheet containing names and addresses to notify the appropriate parties of the candidate’s selection (available on the ACTFL website.)
  3. A professional photograph in electronic format.

在线提交的作品集不超过30页. 所需的表格和照片不包括在页数内.

ACTFL reserves the right to copy and use any of the portfolio contents for promotion of the award or for professional development.

IV. ACTFL Convention

在ACTFL大会期间将有一个面试. (Expenses are paid by ACTFL.) Included in this interview will be:

  1. 一系列的问题,可能的主题,如:学习和教学策略, 学生成绩,星际网赌登录,专业参与和成长.
  2. A three-five minute public policy speech that might be given to a civic group or other outside organization that addresses an issue of current importance to language learning and global competency in an interconnected 21st century world.

For questions regarding your state nomination, contact your regional organization.