Make Your Case To Attend ACTFL 2024

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Make Your Case To Attend ACTFL 2024

Directly ask your supervisor or administrator for funding/reimbursement by following these suggestions:

Informally inquire about the possibility of attending ACTFL 2024.
Example: ACTFL’s Annual World Language Convention & Expo happens this November. It is the premier professional learning opportunity available for world language educators. You can learn more about it on the ACTFL Convention website. Attending is a way for me to meet leading teacher voices, research scholars, and language experts to continue my growth in service of building our students’ intercultural communicative competence. May I access funds to support this important experience for me?

Formally state your case for attendance at ACTFL 2024. Sample Administrator Letter.
Note: A best practice is to lift up the anticipated impact that attending will have on your instructional practices and that of your colleagues (e.g., by presenting back to them key takeaways from the professional learning upon returning), and therefore, on student learning and achievement.

Funding Options and Ideas

  • Funding Resources: Resources for funding professional learning
    Provide your administrator with sources of additional funding that the district could use to offset the costs of attendance. Or provide sources of partial funding that you have sought out and ask your district to help fund the remainder.
  • Partial Support. If not approved for full funding or reimbursement, propose partial support. Example: I understand the reasons why fully funding this opportunity is not possible. Would you consider partially funding this professional learning experience for me so that I may still be able to attend?
  • ACTFL First-time Attendee Stipend. Deadline to apply is July 17, 2024 First-time attendees are invited to apply for a $500 stipend to help offset the costs of attendance. A per diem meal allowance of $217 will be provided in 2024 in addition to the stipend.

Download Sample Letter (MS DOCX)

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